Volunteering - how you can help and wish list
Volunteer Opportunity
Please note that anyone is welcome to come and visit, but please contact Bernadette as she is based in Magaliesburg. 
 Call Bernadette on 083 5668102 and please make sure you wear old clothes and your best smile :-)
Send us your email address and we can advise you of any volunteer days and other events we are having.
Please contact one of the following:
John Bonnard - 082 496 4767 - energy-inst@yebo.co.za
Teresa Correia - 083 268 6606 - pls@global.co.za
Bernadette Begg - 083 568 8102 - leapingfrog38@gmail.com
Noeleen Marsden - 083 456 3301 - noeleen@marsdenfamily.co.za
Nici Ellis - 084 717 2945 - spidernici@gmail.com
Gaynor Lawrence - 083 568 8102 - gaynor@worldonline.co.za
Bev Lovemore - 083 653 3175 - bevlovemore@isat.co.za
“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”
Johnny Depp


Raise fund for us:

Join us on special days, like Valentine's day and Mandela Day and Heritage day, where have special "Paint a Kennel Day"
Or an outreach programme with the local community
and bath and brush dogs and have a talk on animal care.
Collect, dog/cat food, toys, blankets, leads, collars, brushes and treats and come and deliver them.

Other ways to help us -

1. Have a competition at school and see which class can collect the most goodies for us;
2. Include our animals at your parties and special events - to collect donations and do virtual adoptions;
3. Make cakes, biscuits and toys to sell for funds for the animals
4. Arrange a competition in drawing our dogs and cats and giving them special breed names eg. rottipoodle
5. Ask parents to donate prizes for your winners and 2nd hand goods to sell in out charity shop Tails & Whiskers;


We are still looking for a fridge - can you help?

We need a fridge at the sanctuary to keep medicines cold and for soft food for our old and baby orphans, please contact us if you have one to donate to us!

Bernadette - 083 566 8102

Bev - 083 653 3175

Can you help us to collect these?

1. Dog/cat food, dry and wet, toys, blankets, leads, collars,brushes and treats;
2. Kennels, wooden pallets to repair old kennels;
3. Fencing, poles and droppers needed for repairs and new runs;
4. Shade cloth and sheeting to put up roofs (cold weather is coming;
5. Hose pipes, rakes and brooms;
6. Cleaning materials, sunlight soap, washing powder and old rags;
7. 2nd hand goods, bric a brac, kitchenware, toys, pictures and good clothing to sell at our charity shop, Tails & Whiskers.